Anyone up for a mud bath?

I managed to pull myself from bed in time to take Lena to work. It was sad that this was the last time I’ll see her, but I’m sure she’ll come and see me in New Zealand. Well, she better. Rob then drove me around to see the posh houses in town. Some people have more money than sense. Reinforcing the stereotype that Americans like to do things bigger than everyone else.

I didn’t start riding till lunchtime and Richard waved me off. Today I was heading south before I headed west and it felt a little strange. My internal body compass is used to heading towards the sunset. This is the reason why as soon as I hit the first trail I fell off – honest. Continue reading Anyone up for a mud bath?

Meeting the family

Lena left the house in the morning before I woke up. Shock horror – I’m still not a morning person! The morning and afternoon were spent blogging, uploading photos, videos and other such tomfoolery. The type of day which doesn’t leave much to write about!

I guess I could write about the chapters of The Hobbit which I read, but you should just go ahead and buy the damn book! Seriously, if you like the Lord of the Ring movies, read The Hobbit! The evening did get interesting when I got invited out to a meal with the whole family. I felt very privileged as it was a fairly big get together and one which hasn’t happened in a while. Continue reading Meeting the family

Little Red Corvette – Well, a blue one

As Lena didn’t have to be in work till later we talked about the things we could do whilst she worked. One of the things mentioned was a hot dog place called Portillos. Apparently they are sublime – I was sceptical, it’s only a hot dog, but I’d find out at lunch.

Lena left for work in Bob’s duffed up car. A deer decided it would be a good idea to stand in the middle of the road. Naturally the car won but suffered a rather large dent in the front of it – only cosmetic damage though. I’ve been told there are 11,000 deer killed every year on the roads here, I can’t find any official stats but I know even though there are many that are killed, the population of deer is still thriving. Continue reading Little Red Corvette – Well, a blue one

Making it to the Windy City

It is just now, as I am writing about this day, that I have realised that this was actually my first century ride. I covered 101 miles without realising it. At the time I wasn’t sure where I stayed and only thought I’d done 80 miles!

The guy told me last night he’d be leaving on his Harley at about 7 to go and ride with his buddies. They were touring and riding to Washington DC for War Veterans day. The Harley’s attempt to wake me up ended in the same vein as their trademark application for the sound of their motorbike – a miserable failure. It wasn’t until 8 until I woke up, and 9 by the time I started riding. Continue reading Making it to the Windy City