Hardest and hottest climb

My alarm was set for 5:30am, for some unbeknown reason I got up straight away and sprang into action. Maybe it was because I needed to poop – the first time (since I was a baby) that I’ve not pooped in a toilet. After that fairly uneventful stool, the majority of things were packed and I had my oats for breakfast. I burnt the bastards though so I’m going to have to give the Jetboil a good scrub later on.

After some blogging and reading some very nice comments on the past few blogs, (I really appreciate every single one) I left Elberta at 8:30 and was on my way to Delta. As I was leaving a guy came to spray some stuff on some nearby trees – it turns out there’s a little party here tomorrow (2nd July) to celebrate the 4th of July. Not sure what calendar the people of Elberta are using but it appears they can’t even get the frickin’ date right. Continue reading Hardest and hottest climb

Leaving Salt Lake

Clark, my room-mate, was up at 5am and out of the room half an hour later. I managed to mutter something resembling a goodbye and then resumed the comfortable fetal position and dreamed some more. I woke at 9:30 and had a shower before dragging my stuff to the common area.

After the last minute decision to switch routes, I now had to cobble together some sort of action plan. Having read this cyclists website I figured it was more than possible to go a more direct route, albeit through a hotter part of the desert. This next stint will require early mornings to avoid the worst of the heat. Continue reading Leaving Salt Lake

A day of nothingness

I’m not joking, I did nothing too constructive today, not even take any photos. I was going to set off from Salt Lake until the bad weather hit late morning and was forecast to be even worse through the afternoon and evening. I’m not much for being stuck in hail and lightning storms.

Instead I looked at the route I was taking towards San Francisco, and decided to change it. I’ll now be taking Route 6 south towards Delta and then take Route 50 west to Carson City. The main reason being that the route Google suggested was void of main roads. I can’t take the risk of being broken down on a mountain with no cars passing any time soon.

Now I just have to prepare myself for crossing the “Loneliest Road” in the USA – Route 50. This will be a big test as the places to fill up water (let alone eat) can be up to 89 miles apart. Bring on the desert. And maybe some dessert at the end of it.