How to get Google Wave as a Desktop App

I’ve had Google Wave for a few weeks now and although overhyped, it does indeed have it’s uses. We’ve rather successfully used it at work as an idea collaboration tool or a moodboard. (The yes, no gadget comes in handy for deciding who’s going to the pub at lunch).

Having read quite a lot of criticism from the online community, it astounds me how many people seem to forget how primitive Google Wave is in it’s lifespan. We have to remember that it takes a redical new way of thinking to accept something so revolutionary. It’s happened in the past with computers, mobiles and with email. It took a long time, lots of marketing and a lot of tweaking to eventually get those products to the mass market stage they’re currently at.

One of the main critisicms I have read is that Google Wave doesn’t come in a desktop app format to keep you up to date with current Waves. I have a solution. Open a new window of Google Chrome or Firefox, fire up Google Wave, and leave it. For all your other web browsing use another browser window (not tabs), and there you have it, your very own Google Wave Desktop App which you can resize how you like! Amazing.