All photos in this Flickr album are available to buy as a Giclée fine art print.


Size Mount Price
9" x 6" – A5ish None £15
9" x 6" – A5ish 2mm Card £16
9" x 6" – A5ish 3mm PVC £20
9" x 6" – A5ish 3mm Dibond £25
12" x 8" – A4ish None £30
12" x 8" – A4ish 2mm Card £32
12" x 8" – A4ish 3mm PVC £40
12" x 8" – A4ish 3mm Dibond £50
18" x 12" – A3ish None £45
18" x 12" – A3ish 2mm Card £48
18" x 12" – A3ish 3mm PVC £60
18" x 12" – A3ish 3mm Dibond £75
24" x 16" – A2ish None £60
24" x 16" – A2ish 2mm Card £64
24" x 16" – A2ish 3mm PVC £80
24" x 16" – A2ish 3mm Dibond £100

* Take 25% off all prices as a thank you for your early support.


What the hell is a Giclée fine art print?
8 colours of Epson Ultrachrome K3 ink, not 4. Printed on high quality 190 gsm William Turner textured paper made from 100% cotton, not the glossy stuff.

What are mounts?
Think of it as a sturdy backing which the print is glued onto. The mount does not extend beyond the photo. I would advise the 2mm card mount at the very minimum as it makes for easier hanging/framing. Dibond is an aluminium composite, very lightweight and sturdy. It’s my favourite material for mounting.

How much is postage, packaging, and all that other malarky?
It’s included.

What’s the delivery timeframe?
Allow 10 days. 4 days for my printer, 2 for finishing and packaging, 4 for the postie. Adjust accordingly if you’re outside the UK.

What else is included?
My signature and print number on the back. A receipt. Gratitude.

How do I order?
For now I’m keeping it rudimentary. Use this order form and I’ll send you an email confirmation of your order to begin the process. We’ll then sort out some kind of bank transfer, cash deal, or bartering system to finalise the order.

Why the hell should I buy your prints?
I dunno. You don’t have to. They do look pretty printed out though.