Who is The Stig?

Anyone that knows me will know that I am an avid Top Gear fan. The topics they cover, the way they are shot, edited and produced are often spectacularly breathtaking. However one of the longest running mysteries surrounds the aura that is “The Stig”. Mysteries still remain about the identity of the new Stig after the first Stig, Perry McCarthy, revealed himself in his book, “Flat Out, Flat Broke” in 2003.

Today however, I can reveal the true identity of “The Stig”. Photo’s of the Stig have been published, and thanks to the use of flash photograph his eyes were visible. Out of all of the candidates which are a possibility for the Stig, the only person that this can be is Ben Collins. He is a highly acclaimed driver, although relatively unknown outside of the racing circles, but he is an awesome wet weather driver.

Williams the bookmakers have Ben at 8/1 that he’s the Stig. Russ Swift is currently the bookmakers favourite, being 2/1 on, but there ain’t any crows feet on this Stig. Obviously I can’t be held liable if you make a bet and it turns out to be wrong, but you can make your own judgment, from photo’s online!