A Clean Slate!

Me outside Well, I’ve done a little spring cleaning, and given my site a new lease of life since I felt it was going to waste!

I find blogging very time consuming, and time is something I seem to be having less and less of these days. I have about 6 websites that are currently on the go, that’s enough to keep me busy for a week or so! Five of those are personal sites which I hope to develop in the coming weeks, and one is for a client who is a family friend!

Some of the sites in the pipeline include online Sudoku and a great site featuring Mr Bean! Those are only small sites though, in need of design, and development, but the great domain names are registered! Hopefully within the next few months I will have developed a couple more serious sites which relate to a few business ideas I currently have.

At the moment however, University still comes first and I have some work to do for an E-Marketing project which should be fairly easy as I’ve been doing this stuff for years now! I’m in a group with two other guys, and we have to plan an E-Marketing strategy for a cycle company in Preston who want to move some of their business online.

I’ll be back with updates on all my website ventures and that E-Marketing project which looks promising!

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