Web Developer Toolbar Not Showing/Disappeared

I use Chris Pederick’s Web Developer toolbar (FireFox addon) all the time, it’s a must for any designer/developer looking to debug HTML/CSS. However it suddenly disappeared after I updated Firefox to 3.0.6 and Skype to version

After frantically hunting for a solution I finally found out what the problem was. Skype naughtily installs a FireFox addon which appears to be uncompatible with the Web Developer toolbar for some bizarre reason.

Simply going to Tools » Addons in FireFox and disable or uninstall the Skype extension for Firefox and viola, your toolbar is back in place!

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  1. Hey Brad, glad it helped you out! I got stuck for at least 10 minutes before I figured it out. I went through my list of addons to see if there were any conflicts and noticed the Skype addon which I didn’t physically add myself, uninstalled it and breathed a sigh of relief when my toolbar came back!

  2. Thanks. Yours was the first to come up in google. It was very upsetting this morning trying to work on a design and find my toolbar missing. I tried enabling and disabling and was at a loss as to why it would not show up on the toolbars menu. It’s amazing you traced it to the Skype extension, which I find annoying anyway.

  3. Happy days…. This has been driving me crazy… I must have reinstalled the plugin about a million times.. updated firefox.. uninstalled firefox….

    Thanks skype.. : (

    Thanks for the fix…. Much appreciated…

  4. Yes, like Ryan said… “one month of pain”, although in my case is probably more than a month…

    Another fix I found while searching on google is to right-click on Web Developer toolbar and go to “Customize”… once you’re in, just click on the “Restore Default Set” button… and voila!

    I have also uninstalled Skype Extension just to make sure… I had it disabled anyway…

    Alex Mos

  5. Hey… I had the same problem… it was a problem with ThinkVantage password manager, I uninstalled that software from my machine but the addon was still there making noise… just disabled it and presto…

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you – I blew about a month on this one until it bugged me so bad I googled it – I needed to restore default set on the toolbar too – but man – I am so happy. Thank you

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