Snooping around in DC

Having slept in Wills (Elizabeths housemate) room for the night whilst he was away I woke up at 10am. The plan in my head was to head to a bar, watch the Manchester United vs Chelsea match and venture into the city from there. I ended up streaming it online and watching it from the comfort of a double bed.

After United proceeded to all but win the Premiership title for a record 19th time, I got my bag ready, worked out a route and set off into the city. There are tons of cycle paths around the city so getting there was straight forward. I mooched around Capitol Hill before aiming for the Air and Space Museum.

I spent a solid 5 hours in there before I realised what time it was. There are so many awesome exhibits but I reckon my favourite was the room filled with the Wright brothers paraphernalia. They were engineering eccentrics with a passion for a new fangled technology called the camera. Their obsession with photography allowed them to capture the magical moments of failure and flight. Peering at the documentation you can see the amount of time and effort spent perfecting their design which influenced aircraft of today.

After having a go on a fighter plane simulator, which reinforced my believe I would’ve never made it as a pilot – I was getting rather peckish. A wild McDonald’s appeared and I had chance to satisfy my hunger and update my blog. I got back on my bike and explored a bit more of DC, I wanted to find the Whitehouse. I stumbled upon a map and I was only a few minutes away.

I craftily snook around the heavily armed guards and made it to the fence of the Whitehouse. I snapped away gathering vital intel for operation Bear-hunt and escaped before the snipers on the roof spotted me. I then had a spot of bother getting back to the house, but once I finally got back I was greeted by a large group of friendly people all gathered around a campfire in the back garden.

We enjoyed eating kebabs, melon (uncooked) and each others company until it got to midnight when it was time for people to go home and me to bed – I have a 70 mile ride up the C&O Towpath tomorrow!

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