Sightseeing in Philly

After a well earned nights sleep I was up at 8am so that I could leave the house with Bryan and Steph as they both went to work. They not only welcomed me into their lovely home with open arms, they also gave me a key to their house so I could use it during the day should I need to. The trust, generosity and kindness is absolutely amazing and I am constantly humbled by the people of America.

As I trundled off into the hearts of Philly I first stopped at a McDonalds so that I could use the WiFi to have a look at what Philly had to offer. McDonalds is pretty much used a community centre for the less well off and their proceeded to be lots of shouting down phones and general cursing. Cutting through the shit, Laura and Bill started talking to me and asking questions about the trip. They were lovely people who grew up in the free and hippy 80’s and as such had very open minds and love to travel. Laura expressed her only other wish is to go and visit Scotland where her Mum is from. After showing her my pictures of canoeing down the rivers she was in awe and wanted to go there even more. Hopefully I have inspired her to do a little more travelling.

I rode around town for a while (I’ve started getting the hang of cities here,) went and ran up the steps in Rocky and did a little more sauntering. I found a T-Mobile store because I needed to fix my phone, the data part of my sim-card isn’t working at all.

After explaining my situation the guy confidently said it was because I didn’t have a data plan (I’m on Pay and Go) and I’d need to spend $50 to have the data too. I begrudgingly agreed because there has been times when it would have been very beneficial to have it. I went back after 2 hours when it still wasn’t working. After much pissing about and phoning support, the guy eventually determined my model of phone doesn’t support data. That’s OK, I’ll just have my money back then I thought. Apparently if you move onto Prepaid they don’t offer refunds. Fuckers. So now I’m left $50 out of pocket and still no data.

If there are any geeks/nerds out there that would like to send me instructions on how to root a HTC Legend and get the US T-Mobile drivers on there it would be much appreciated. I’ve looked into it a little bit but not found anything. I have bootloader 1.0 (which if you start looking into it makes a difference when rooting). Step-by-step instructions by email and any files as attachments would be perfect for anyone with a couple of hours to spare!

Anyway, back to Philadelphia! I pottered around for a while longer looking for things like a GPS and solar charger but still can’t find one in stores. I got a text off Bryan asking if I want to go to a local bar to grab a bite to eat which I did and met up with a couple of theirs friends who are also really nice! Demolished a Pork BBQ sandwich with half of it around my face for supper, had a few beer-based beverages and left to go and chill out for the evening back at the house.

We ended up watched a couple of episodes of the best comedy to come out of Canada, “Trailer Park Boys”, had a good laugh and then went off to bed after planning a route to Bel Air for the morning, I have another “Warm Shower” there when I arrive, sweet!

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  1. hey Craig what time is your fight from LA to NZ…dad x
    PS luv all the posts…more and more people are getting to hear about you…and think its fantastic what do you are doing.

  2. Hi craig glad to see you are liking the USA, Jacky & I did try to get you before you left on your trip across the states we did leave a message with your dad, your home phone was engaged all the time we tryed, hope you are keeping well, you can Email me know if you want to. ( All the best lad love from uncle chris & Jacky )

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