Sightseeing in Manhattan

After arriving the late into the hostel the previous night I finally got round to seeing the sights of New York. Starting at 8:30 I was in world renowned Central Park. Since it was a Saturday it was full of joggers who go round and round and round (spot the lyric…) It was sports loads of baseball diamonds after figuring out the differences to beloved softball I started enjoying it.

The cutest thing though was the 4/5 year olds playing it, they all looked so professional in the full baseball attire but we’re all stood round just watching the trees or being easily distracted by worms.

After Central Park I spent a while watching random street performers, visited the Apple store to update Facebook, the T-Mobile store to get a sim-card, the Lego store to re-kindle my childhood and a few other cools stores. I stumbled upon Times Square and spent a while taking photos of the Naked Cowboy and the Naked Cowgirl before taking some more normal shots.

After roaming Time Square it was time for a nap and I ended up on the Parkway, next to the Hudson River which is just for walkers, joggers, cyclists and nappers. Feeling refreshed, it was time to visit the historic Ground Zero site. It was boring – there was nothing there. I ended up getting on the subway back to the hostel and got chatting to a couple of nice women, one of whom had just got back from London. Finally managed to get back to the hostel after a long walk across town (it didn’t look too far on the map) got a shower and ended up in an Irish bar having the largest Shepherds Pie you have ever seen. Nom.

Hope to do the rest of the sightseeing on the way out of town tomorrow!

Take a look at the album of photos on Facebook.

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