Into the Middle of Nowhere

There have been a couple of people unsure if I will still make it to Los Angeles by the 28th July. I wanted to make a schedule of major points I want to reach by certain dates. The first one is Salt Lake City – 409 miles away from Casper by Sunday night. That gives myself 6 days of riding.

The initial route down to Rawlins is not only 2 days ride away, but only has one other tiny settling along the way called Alcova. As a result I made sure I stocked up on food at Walmart. I also topped up on a few wash kit supplies and treated myself to a new bike seat cover. My awesome stitching effort was coming undone but I wanted something a bit more weatherproof.

Riding on Route 220 was pleasant enough but I also had Doug Stanhope to keep me company. This was Andrew Sewards Spotify suggestion and as it turns out had me in stitches. I must have seemed like a lunatic heartily chuckling to myself along the roadside. Dougs stuff is not for the easily offended, his stuff is very edgy but he doesn’t give a shit about what other people think – I like that, people need to learn to give less of a shit about the small stuff.

At the 25 mile mark I stopped in Alcova for a water top up and some ice cream. There I got chatting to a few people that were riding 2,000 miles on horses. As it turns out there is a big group of about 50 of them and they are sticking to the trails. I’m not risking anymore trails in Wyoming but they were heading to Salt Lake City too. I hope that I beat their asses to the city just to prove that bike power is better than horse power.

Unbeknown to me a few more hills were waiting for me and I got to 52 miles at 19:00. I was at Independence Rock which was also a very convenient rest area with shelters, toilets, drinking water and grassy areas. I had another potential 2 hours of riding time but I wasn’t sure I would find another safe place to camp between here and Rawlins. I’m all up for taking risks but I just didn’t feel as though there would be anything within 20 miles and I’m not a foolish risk taker. I would set up camp here tonight – along with 5 or so truckers who don’t like turning their engines off.

I set the tent up in 9 minutes (which I want to get down to 6) and tucked into a gourmet supper of Beanie Weenies. That’s beans and whale blubber sausage to folks in the UK. I took the opportunity to do a little blogging and had a staring competition with a very brave deer. They don’t normally come within 10 metres but since I was ninja-like, it didn’t see me for a while and bucked when it did. I can only assume it was a doe.

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  1. Hi Craig, that’s 68 miles per day! what’s that like? if i were you, I’d be getting up early, doing my mileage and getting to my destination ASAP, then relaxing. You’re very brave cycling late into the night, don’t know what’s out there! anyway keep it up and good luck.

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