Hanging in Bel Air

Today wasn’t so much of a rest day (my muscles weren’t too bad) it was a recovery day – my butt was still sore. I was awake around 9 but didn’t go upstairs until I heard someone moving. It turned out to be Steven, Jeff and Kathy’s son. As he’d just come back from college he wasn’t doing anything today so we chatted and played with the dog until lunch.

Lunch consisted of ham salad toasted flatbreads – nom, and Cheez-Its which Lua the dog kept hoovering up those which happened to get dropped. A little while longer passed and Steven decided to treat me to a local Mexican at 3pm. Another delicious Mexican and many Coronas later we went back to the house to meet his Mom, Kathy, and sister, Lindsay who had also just come back from college.

After a lovely chat, mainly consisting about where Bohemia was, Steven decided to treat Lua and me to a ride to the largest liquor store in the area. We picked up some National Bohemia (Natty Bo), Tyskie, and a bourbon – Knob Creek. Thankfully I had my ID because in the excitement of leaving the house, Steven managed to drop his license which we found later on.

That evening we enjoyed the beverages, well I say enjoyed, the Natty Bo tasted like piss and it wasn’t even brewed locally which we thought it was – but the other alcohol was fine indeed. We gawped at the immense storm that passed over the area and watched intensely as each massive lightning bolt struck the ground. Storm over, and time to go and watch a film on the big screen downstairs. Needless to say after more booze was consumed my eyes began closing and unfortunately the cinematic epic that was Snakes on a Plane couldn’t keep me awake long enough to see it through to the end.

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