Finding the East Coast Greenway

Waking up is hard. I got out into the hostel courtyard at 10:30 to start fixing my bike. My mud-guard was still catching and after many different configurations it ended up going in the bin. My guard at the rear is now down.

First port of call was the ferry across to Hoboken. After looking at someone’s newspaper I found out they managed to kill Bin Laden last night. Obviously that will stop terrorism once and for all. I bet I still won’t be able to take a bottle of water onto a plane though.

The ferry took 10 minutes and now came the ride through New Jersey. I am very glad I didn’t set off the day before, those are some mean looking streets. After about 5 hours cycling I found the East Coast Greenway, a 3,000 mile trail from Maine to Florida. I decided to grab a Subway, fill up water bottles and steal some toilet paper just in case I got caught short.

Riding the Greenway is a blessing for cyclists. It runs beside a canal for part of the way and was very pleasant indeed. The main benefit is the route is free from traffic.

It started getting dark around 7pm, and after a chance encounter with some deer I took the decision to set up camp. Found an ideal secluded spot and began making a small clearing for the tent. Tent went up first time with no hitches, I figured out what I did wrong last time I put it up: turns out there are some ties on the inside of the outer sheet which need to be tied to the poles. Meh. 9:30pm and in bed. I WILL get up early tomorrow.

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  1. Really like the video, glad to see you found the bike path. You are not riding all the way down to Florida are you? Anyway, Maine is beautiful, you will love it! Be careful out there and good luck with the weather.

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