Entering Philadelphia

Camping was a lot of fun, and I was up at 6 to start packing everything back up. I did get up at 5 but it was still dark and I decided to have a lie in. It took an hour to dry the tent (it was spitting during the night) and pack everything away. I was back on the trail at 7.

Like I said before cycling the trail is pretty nice but the downside is that it’s pretty dusty. I thought my legs were already tanned until I wiped them and they returned to their pasty white complexion. I couldn’t wait for a shower, but I had another 30 miles till I hit the town of Trenton. Once I found Trenton it was 12 noon and it was time to figure out where I was staying tonight.

I found a library where Maureen the lovely librarian was explaining how another guy from Manchester was always at the library a few years back and telling me how what I was doing was really inspirational. I am actually overwhelmed with the amount of support and encouragement which the American people have shown me, it’s really humbling.

Anyway, back to the library. I remembered the warmshowers website which I got told about in NY and signed myself up to it. I picked a location in Philadelphia and emailed a few people who all got back to me within 30 minutes which was awesome. I picked a place to stay, printed out my directions (my hillbilly GPS) and tried to make it out of Trenton.

Had a major problem getting out of town though. I spent an hour going around in circles trying to find the start of the cycle trail. It turns out that the start is completely hidden behind a hotel and not signposted at all. I managed to get a whole 10 minutes down the path until some inconsiderate twonk put a mound and a railway across it. It was at that point I read that the pathway was closed for all use. I decided to go around which took me right next to a high-speed track, but it was the only way around. I got back on the path and the rest of the ride was OK from a directional point of view.

The ride started getting tough though. My ass isn’t in the best shape and I’m pretty saddlesore, and that’s with lots of vaseline! As a result I’m finding that I’m standing up a lot to ride which isn’t ideal. From what I’ve read standing up puts more strain on the wheels and spokes so it will only be a matter of time before I break a few spokes.

I made it into Philly, thanks mainly to The Prodigy for getting me the last 10 miles. I got to the door of Bryan and Steph at 20:45. They couldn’t have been more welcoming, friendly and awesome. Priorities were in order and I felt honoured to drink their last bottle of local beer, brewed 2 blocks down. I got shown to the bedroom and bathroom and proceeded to have the most satisfying shower ever.

Bryan and Steph then kindly fed me some delicious pasta, and I don’t eat olives but these were beautiful in the pasta. After talking for around an hour it was time for bed. A double bed, an overhead fan and show cushions!- what luxury compared to last night.

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  1. No idea Carl, it might be to do with that if statement in the comments.php file I added :p No bears as of yet, only deer, turtles and hares!

    I’m glad I didn’t do any training before if it hurts this much Jack!

    Cheers Sharon, it is pretty exciting not knowing where I’ll be each night, so far the nice Americans haven’t let me down! x

  2. Hey Craig, stumbled across your blog and I’m glad I did so at the beginning of your trip! It’s fantastic that you are actually doing this. Rediculous, over ambitious and not thought through at all, brilliant!! You’re going to have an incredible time. Bon voyage and keep posting regularly so we can follow your journey! D

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