Can you ride your bike on the Interstate in Wyoming?

You may come from Google loooking for the answer to the blog post. Yes, you can ride the interstate in the following: Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Back to the trip…

The ringing of the phone woke me up at 9:30. I cleared my throat and answered. Tina and Jim were a few minutes away. Putting some freshly washed clothes on I waited in the lobby to meet them and return the phone.

A white Ford truck pulled up and a happy, relieved looking Jim walked towards me. We shook hands and he discreetly slapped a 20 into my hand as part of the shake. He wouldn’t accept it back after I told him he didn’t need to pay me, so I begrudingly stuck it in my pocket and it absorbed the cost of the motel.

After a quick chat I went back upstairs, was on Skype to a couple of people and got my stuff together to vacate by 11. After talking with one of the maids whilst she was on a fag break, I mentioned I needed to find a car wash to clean my bike. She said there might be a hose around the side of the motel so I went and asked the manager if it was ok to use it for bike cleaning purposes.

Fast forward an hour and I finally had something that resembled a bike. No longer was it a ball of mud but I would now make out the wheels and everything. There was still a fair bit of grit in the chain but I cleaned it the best I could. Sand is very abrasive and the last thing I need is my chain breaking. I gave it a once over with the can of oil I had bought and hoped for the best as I set off to Casper.

It was 55 miles to Casper and I hoped it would take me no more than 5 hours riding time. Riding on the Interstate was no major problem. Yes, the trucks and lorries are driving past you at 65-75mph but the shoulders are wide, there are grumble strips seperating the shoulder and the road wasn’t busy. Come to think of it there is a lot less traffic than I expected. The only traffic jams I can recall were in Chicago and Manhattan. Both of which seem like an age ago now.

The long climbs soon appeared and they were hard work. I was still enjoying the climbs though, it felt good to be attacking them, taking them on and keep defeating them. I was determined that I wouldn’t let another one beat me and I enjoyed coasting down the other side each time. Occasionally, I would pedal hard on the gradual downhill simply to hit the 30mph mark. Other times I would just be content adopting the aerodynamic tuck position.

I had a quick break at the 25 mile mark, where quite comveniently the town of Glenrock sat. It was at this break that I finally found a Mars Bar. Guess what it’s called here – Milky Way Caramel. Idiots, no wonder I’ve not been able to find it, I’ve probably seen it many times but just disregarded it and gone for the Skittles, mmmm Wild Berry.

Only another 25 miles to go for the goal today and the scenery carried on the same as earlier. The hills weren’t just rolling, they actually had features and ridges which made them interesting to look at. That’s when my head wasn’t down, listening to the music in one ear, which was driving me on.

I got to the industrial edges of Casper after 4 hours and 30 minutes of riding time and navigating to the otherside of town took another 20 minutes. It was nearly plain sailing, but I had a minor disagreement with a woman in a car who obviously lacked the concept of what an indicator is for. It was soon resolved by the flipping of my finger – Yes, I am a complete badass.

Another night, another Super 8. This would probably be my last till Salt Lake City. Obviously before spluging on motels I always check Warm Showers, but there are very few people in the mid west that are on the site so it’s either camping or motels. At $81 for the night it was a tad on the expensive side. In fact, I don’t think I’d paid that much since I paid $95 a night in New York! I wasn’t going anywhere else though, my bike had had enough for the day!

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