Back to night riding on Route 50

Last nights decision to switch back to night riding soon proved to be a sensible and wise decision. The heat today was so sticky and uncomfortable from 8am.

I spent a couple of hours in McDonalds before cycling around the small town of Delta for a proper place to eat with electricity – my laptop was running low. As it turns out restaurants don’t have many plug sockets.

I retreated to the motel I stayed in last night and crashed in their slightly cooler reception area and phoned the parents to let them know where I was and that I was still breathing. In between catching forty winks on the sofa I was trying to prepare myself for the ride along Route 50 – it has been called “The Loneliest Road” on many occasions.

This initial stint was going to be the toughest and most gruelling. Once I set off tonight I will be 83 miles from the next service which lies on the border of Utah and Nevada. My hopeful destination will be the Border Inn, a 90 mile ride in the dark. Wish me luck.

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