And so I depart

This is it. I’m currently on the train down to Gatwick with a dog sat on my feet. I get into Gatwick tonight at 23:38 and I have a 14 hour wait for my plane to New York. My flight schedule did get pushed back, and I booked my train ticket quite in advance; otherwise I wouldn’t have had such a massive wait.

I’ve had a great last week in the UK, it’s been shared camping, eating, drinking and playing softball; with everyone I love. My friends and family have made it very hard for me to leave. You are all awesome, I’m going to miss every single one of you in your own special way. Shit, the dog just farted on my foot – what an inconsiderate beast. Oh yeah, and I love you all.

I really can’t believe the dog just farted on me. It doesn’t smell much like a dog fart but I unequivocally felt the ripple on my boot. As I was saying – I’ve not got too much to do in Gatwick other than find a box for my bike and change some currency. Once I’ve got those out of the way with I might try and settle down and get some kip in the departure lounge (Don’t fret, I’ll set my alarm so I don’t miss boarding!)

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I am honestly so up for this ride that I already can’t wait to leave New York and ride the first few miles. I hope you will join, follow and support me this Summer on the ride across the states. I will bring you as close to the action as I can and hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Please don’t be afraid to leave comments on the blog, I will read them all and they will undoubtedly keep me going. Only 90 more days till I get my Charlie back!

5 thoughts on “And so I depart”

  1. “If you would like email updates of my blog”

    Hello, this is a blog with standard RSS feed, so I / we will get your updates into our feed readers within seconds from publishing it here, no worries :-)

    I use Google Reader and can recommend for anyone and everyone to try it out, it will change how fast and wide you can read stuff – I have almost a thousand sources bringing everything in it.

    Good luck!

  2. Don’t mean to ruin your beauty sleep, but do you remember the premonition you had last weekend regards missing your flight??
    Enjoy yourself in New York & watch out for bears.

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