Video day on the GAP trail

After waking up and having breakfast with Dave he wanted to do a video interview with me which he later posted on YouTube. I thought it would be interesting to do a day of video instead of writing so this is it.

I don’t have video editing software (nor the processing power) to do anything with my videos so they are raw as they come off the camera. They total just over 3 minutes in length, it’s not exactly BBC documentary making. Continue reading Video day on the GAP trail

Starting the GAP trail

So much for finding a place to stay where I won’t get woken up. I couldn’t have got closer to a train track and a crossing if I tried. The track ran ten metres behind the tent and the crossing was 100 metres down the street. The first train was at a fairly sensible 7:30 so I wasn’t too bothered about being disturbed. It was easy enough for me to get back to sleep for another 30 minutes before the next freight train. Time to get up.

The rest of the morning was spent catching up on blogging and uploading videos. Getting behind is a nightmare – maybe I need a manager to sort out things like route planning so I can concentrate on stuff I actually enjoy like cycling and blogging. After carefully studying the map tonights destination was Rockwood, 45 miles up the trail. Continue reading Starting the GAP trail

Staying at the YMCA

Waking up with the sound of the river 10 feet away is pretty awesome but I think it was the tooting trains that actually woke me up at about 7. I’ve now learned that it’s a legal requirement for trains to toot 2 long, 1 short, and 1 long – every single time they approach a crossing. Handy piece of knowledge for sourcing sleeping spots where I won’t get disturbed in the future!

I was on the trail at 8:30, still smelling faintly of smoke since there was no shower at this particular site (it was a free trail one). No, I wasn’t inclined on taking a dip in the river. Too cold, too fast flowing and not clean enough. It’s not exactly like the clear lochs of Scotland. Keep reading to find out about the Skittles Competition! Continue reading Staying at the YMCA

Camping at Leopards Mill

Having stayed in the room with Karl last night he kept his promise, gave me a shout at 7, and we drove down to the cafe for breakfast by 8. Breakfast was scrummy and was pretty much a full English, minus the beans – Americans aren’t really all that keen on beans so much, and I guess that’s why come to think of it I haven’t been half as flatulent on this trip.

Anyway we got back to the room at 9, said farewell to Karl and finished off drying my clothes. After my gruds had dried and I’d procrastinated a little longer I left my key in reception and set off onto the trail. Continue reading Camping at Leopards Mill

C&O Towpath to Harpers Ferry

As I was riding around the city yesterday I started to get a vibration and noise coming from the bike. It was kind of a low groaning and it sounded how I felt at the thought of the first set of consequtive riding days. During the morning I checked the bike over and still couldn’t figure where the noise was coming from.

Mike (who’s handily also a bike mechanic) had a look and said it looked like the back brake was catching on the wheel. By jove he was right. A little bit of tinkering and I no longer had a groaning bike – it was now just me. Continue reading C&O Towpath to Harpers Ferry