Into the Middle of Nowhere

There have been a couple of people unsure if I will still make it to Los Angeles by the 28th July. I wanted to make a schedule of major points I want to reach by certain dates. The first one is Salt Lake City – 409 miles away from Casper by Sunday night. That gives myself 6 days of riding.

The initial route down to Rawlins is not only 2 days ride away, but only has one other tiny settling along the way called Alcova. As a result I made sure I stocked up on food at Walmart. I also topped up on a few wash kit supplies and treated myself to a new bike seat cover. My awesome stitching effort was coming undone but I wanted something a bit more weatherproof. Continue reading Into the Middle of Nowhere

Can you ride your bike on the Interstate in Wyoming?

You may come from Google loooking for the answer to the blog post. Yes, you can ride the interstate in the following: Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Back to the trip…

The ringing of the phone woke me up at 9:30. I cleared my throat and answered. Tina and Jim were a few minutes away. Putting some freshly washed clothes on I waited in the lobby to meet them and return the phone. Continue reading Can you ride your bike on the Interstate in Wyoming?

Nightmare on County Road 52

Don’t worry. I survived the previous night without walking even funnier. Apparently “Alf” isn’t into guys.

Today was Fathers Day and so I wanted to wish my Dad a good one. Although I managed to get Skype up and running (craig.hamnett if you want to add me) the WiFi connection was such that I sounded like I was “playing ping pong”. What was more frustrating was that I could hear him perfectly well. Continue reading Nightmare on County Road 52

Lost Springs. Population – 4

I so wanted to get up early this morning and get on the road by 8 but my body was having none of it. I’m finding that I’m needing around 10 hours sleep to allow my aches and pains to recover, which I still can’t get used to. I normally suffice on 4 or 5 hours sleep.

So I set off at 12 after making do with a full body wash with freezing cold water. I also tried shaving but my one and only razor was packed with hair. I took procrastination to a new level by extracting all the hairs from the blade with a needle and high water pressure. That took around 20 minutes but at least the razor had returned to full functionality. Continue reading Lost Springs. Population – 4

Caught Short – Poop Edition

Herb came into his bike shop just as I was waking up at 7:55. I did the decent thing and put some clothes on before I made him wretch early in the morning.

I put the thermarest and sleeping bag away, had a wash, talced the nether regions and finally loaded the bike. After chatting to Herb for a bit longer, I thanked him profusely once again and I parted ways. Continue reading Caught Short – Poop Edition