Not given up just yet – Another Century Ride

I’m sore, I’m aching, I’m hurting in places that haven’t hurt for a long time, but I can’t put into words how elated and ecstatic I am at reaching Salt Lake City this evening.

This week has been a massive personal battle. The lows of yesterday were really kicked into touch today. It was emotional, I had to hold back tears of happiness and joy coming down the final hill, and that’s that something I’ve had to do often. Not because I’m never happy, but because today was such a stark contrast to yesterday. Continue reading Not given up just yet – Another Century Ride

Close to giving up

I forgot to check my list of what to avoid pitching near. The sprinklers went off at 7am and I wasn’t amused. In fact I was so bemused that I went back to sleep and didn’t reappear till 11. I had a feeling my body would try and recover from yesterdays century.

Exploring Little America I discovered there wasn’t all too much to do. I still managed my gentleman’s wash and ordered some hot dogs. Naturally they were over priced for a small stop in the middle of nowhere. I got talking to a couple of people and returned to my tent at 1pm. Continue reading Close to giving up

Century to Little America

As Kerry had to be up at 5:30 to go to work, it seemed like as good of an excuse as any to get up early for once and do a solid day of riding. A potential century might even be on the cards!

After more chatting, Kerry insisted on paying for breakfast in the nearby cafe and wouldn’t accept no for an answer. With a few parting photos I went to go and stuff my face with some American bacon, sausages, hash browns, eggs and pancakes. That’ll keep me going for a few miles. Continue reading Century to Little America

If in doubt, find a bar

Anyone who knows me knows how much I like to sleep, so as you can imagine I enjoyed the extra hour in bed without being disturbed by the cleaners. I’ve also learned to use those “Do not disturb” signs after a couple of close incidents.

I went and had my complimentary breakfast and tried the diners new Strawberry Cheesecake milkshake. It most certainly brought me to the yard, it even had a dollop of jam (jelly – crazy Americans) in the bottom of the glass. Continue reading If in doubt, find a bar

Five tourers met – None going West

I should add sprinklers to my list of things not to pitch a tent next to. There’s nothing quite like being confused first thing in the morning. I was annoyed that it was raining today, then laughing because it was just the sprinklers, then annoyed again because I now had to dry the tent.

Another annoyance was that I had found out I had another broken spoke on my rear wheel. This was a wheel that I got in Grinell, Iowa, and the difference between this one (apart from the hub) is that it has 32 spokes as opposed to 36. With 36 spokes I had none break for 1,500 miles. With 32 I’ve had 2 break in 1,000 miles. You do the math. Continue reading Five tourers met – None going West