Entering Philadelphia

Camping was a lot of fun, and I was up at 6 to start packing everything back up. I did get up at 5 but it was still dark and I decided to have a lie in. It took an hour to dry the tent (it was spitting during the night) and pack everything away. I was back on the trail at 7.

Like I said before cycling the trail is pretty nice but the downside is that it’s pretty dusty. I thought my legs were already tanned until I wiped them and they returned to their pasty white complexion. I couldn’t wait for a shower, but I had another 30 miles till I hit the town of Trenton. Once I found Trenton it was 12 noon and it was time to figure out where I was staying tonight. Continue reading Entering Philadelphia

Finding the East Coast Greenway

Waking up is hard. I got out into the hostel courtyard at 10:30 to start fixing my bike. My mud-guard was still catching and after many different configurations it ended up going in the bin. My guard at the rear is now down.

First port of call was the ferry across to Hoboken. After looking at someone’s newspaper I found out they managed to kill Bin Laden last night. Obviously that will stop terrorism once and for all. I bet I still won’t be able to take a bottle of water onto a plane though. Continue reading Finding the East Coast Greenway

Not quite out of New York

I might have slept in a little later than I intended. This coupled with the fact I had photos to upload, and emails to reply to, meant that I didn’t get out of the hostel till gone 11. I spoke to a couple of guys outside the hostel whilst loading my bike. These turned out to be quite important conversations.

Firstly Bruce (after checking out my gear for a good 10 minutes and commenting on various things) mentioned that there was a great cycle repair shop a few blocks down. This was important because I’d lost a screw to my mud-guards in transit and it was catching on the wheel. He also mentioned a cycle event in Chicago which is slightly less important but interesting nonetheless. A second chap, Sid, informed me of warmshowers.com which is important for later on in the trip. Both wished me good luck as I headed off to try and get my bike fixed. Continue reading Not quite out of New York

Sightseeing in Manhattan

After arriving the late into the hostel the previous night I finally got round to seeing the sights of New York. Starting at 8:30 I was in world renowned Central Park. Since it was a Saturday it was full of joggers who go round and round and round (spot the lyric…) It was sports loads of baseball diamonds after figuring out the differences to beloved softball I started enjoying it.

The cutest thing though was the 4/5 year olds playing it, they all looked so professional in the full baseball attire but we’re all stood round just watching the trees or being easily distracted by worms. Continue reading Sightseeing in Manhattan

Trouble with Homeland Security

My first run-in with the police was before I even got to America. I was awoken at 8:30 with a prod from a copper. Apparently it looked like I was a hobo just staying the night in Gatwick Airport. Not far from the truth, but I explained my story, he wished me luck and went on his way.

Since I was awake, I went and found a box for my bike. 17 bloody quid! That was a whole pound more than it cost to stick the thing on the plane! After I recovered from the shock I went off to take it apart, just the wheels and mudguards needed removing. Continue reading Trouble with Homeland Security