Snooping around in DC

Having slept in Wills (Elizabeths housemate) room for the night whilst he was away I woke up at 10am. The plan in my head was to head to a bar, watch the Manchester United vs Chelsea match and venture into the city from there. I ended up streaming it online and watching it from the comfort of a double bed.

After United proceeded to all but win the Premiership title for a record 19th time, I got my bag ready, worked out a route and set off into the city. There are tons of cycle paths around the city so getting there was straight forward. I mooched around Capitol Hill before aiming for the Air and Space Museum. Continue reading Snooping around in DC

To the Whitehouse!

After drinking with Steven the previous night I woke up at 8.30am and found myself on the sofa in front of the TV, fully clothed, with a faint odour of whiskey . The hoboness has begun – but I’m sure my Dad will attest that this was a regular occurance when he came home at 6am from work. I had a quick shower and got all my stuff ready to go, at which point it was 9:15 and I crawled out of the basement to meet Jeff.

Having now been at his house for 2 nights, this was actually the first time we’d properly spoken to each other. We chatted about the trip and talked of the tours he’s been on and wanted to do in the future. He then very kindly rustled me up some scrambled eggs and toast and wished me good luck. Continue reading To the Whitehouse!

Hanging in Bel Air

Today wasn’t so much of a rest day (my muscles weren’t too bad) it was a recovery day – my butt was still sore. I was awake around 9 but didn’t go upstairs until I heard someone moving. It turned out to be Steven, Jeff and Kathy’s son. As he’d just come back from college he wasn’t doing anything today so we chatted and played with the dog until lunch.

Lunch consisted of ham salad toasted flatbreads – nom, and Cheez-Its which Lua the dog kept hoovering up those which happened to get dropped. A little while longer passed and Steven decided to treat me to a local Mexican at 3pm. Another delicious Mexican and many Coronas later we went back to the house to meet his Mom, Kathy, and sister, Lindsay who had also just come back from college. Continue reading Hanging in Bel Air

Riding to Bel Air

I sit here in the Museum of Air and Space in Washington DC and realise how lax I have been in updating the blog. Luckily I can still remember what happened in the past few days which is quite surprising, my brain is usually as forgetful as a goldfish with Alzheimers.

I began my ride from Bryan and Stephs in Philadelphia (thanks again for the room, shower and company!) and set out to the library to use a printer so I could find my way to Bel Air. Today is my longest ride, 85 miles and I already begin to regret such a long slog as soon as I arrive at the library to find it doesn’t open till 10. That immediately adds nearly 2 hours to my arrival time, which is a very optimistic 7pm. Continue reading Riding to Bel Air

Sightseeing in Philly

After a well earned nights sleep I was up at 8am so that I could leave the house with Bryan and Steph as they both went to work. They not only welcomed me into their lovely home with open arms, they also gave me a key to their house so I could use it during the day should I need to. The trust, generosity and kindness is absolutely amazing and I am constantly humbled by the people of America.

As I trundled off into the hearts of Philly I first stopped at a McDonalds so that I could use the WiFi to have a look at what Philly had to offer. McDonalds is pretty much used a community centre for the less well off and their proceeded to be lots of shouting down phones and general cursing. Cutting through the shit, Laura and Bill started talking to me and asking questions about the trip. They were lovely people who grew up in the free and hippy 80’s and as such had very open minds and love to travel. Laura expressed her only other wish is to go and visit Scotland where her Mum is from. After showing her my pictures of canoeing down the rivers she was in awe and wanted to go there even more. Hopefully I have inspired her to do a little more travelling. Continue reading Sightseeing in Philly